Esteban Schimpf


Esteban Schimpf‘s portfolio site has a wide array of painting, drawing, photography and general artistic mayhem. 



984x588-huowogcnThis painting reminds me of a hip version of a Christopher Wool paintings. 




The styrofoam pieces are the most sophisticated pieces in my opinion, taking an everyday object and transforming it with simple techniques.

984x588-4yu98zaiSome of Esteban’s work has an overtly naive tone running through it but somehow it doesn’t bother me. I’ve pondered the same thing about 

Jupiter many times. 


Apparently Esteban’s not a fan of Wright…


Perhaps a self portrait?

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  • Aaron Eilers

    God, Imagine the lack of creativity in this kid’s house. Frank Loyd Wright is the sun and Esteban’s petty “art” is Pluto, barely even recognized to be worthy in our solar system.