Rosa Verloop’s Eerie Nylon Sculptures Of The Human Form

verloopsculpture7 verloopsculpture verloopsculpture3

Rosa Verloop creates sculptures out of nylons. Eerie and captivating these malleable forms capture the density and lumpiness of a fleshy existence. They’re soft and cuddly and evoke a tangibility. These malformed sculptures speak to bodily fear and vulnerability and what we perceive as normal and abnormal. Nylons are supposed to cover skin, creating a smoothness that Verloop undermines by twisting and stuffing these nylons into bulky lumps.

verloopsculpture2 verloopsculpture12 verloopsculpture11 verloopsculpture10 verloopsculpture8 verloopsculpture6 verloopsculpture5 verloopsculpture4

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