Peekasso’s Strangely Delightful Collaged Pop Culture GIF Animations (NSFW)

GIF Animations

GIF Animations

GIF Animations

I’ve been following Peekasso‘s (real name: Peter Stemmler) work on his Tumblr page for awhile now, and he is easily one of my favorite internet artists. I’m never bored with any of his creations, but his gif work is especially impressive. Using a combination of clips from film, video games, pornography, commercials, pop culture, and other internet ephemera, Stemmler assembles a curious juxtaposition of images. Some of his gifs have a brainwashing quality to them – a quick succession of disparate images and the loop of the gif medium force the brain to make connections between starkly contrasted imagery. The result is dizzying, and for me, satisfying in its absurdity. Underneath this absurdity and within the juxtapositions there is a critique of some of the imagery that seems to emerge, a perspective that seems to mock much of media in general.

As an internet artist, Stemmler also has an impressive output of static digital images and illustrations that you can check out on his website, blog, or Flickr. He lives in New York.




stemmlergif13 stemmlergif10 stemmlergif6 stemmlergif5 stemmlergif3 stemmlergif4 stemmlergif stemmler14

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  • Patent Box Lawyer

    Honest to god, these are the weirdest things I have ever seen! Undeniably eye catching though!