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Mazzarella Thomas

8_mazzarella5lowMazzarella Thomas is a Belgian artist whose paintings look like screen shots of wacky video games, where the point of the game might be getting your characters to break down the door to a fancy building with people swimming on the roof, or to take a nap and then play super nintendo.  I don’t know if this is a stoner or a dork aesthetic, but I like it either way.  He describes his work as having a message “social and human.”

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Jen Pack’s Fabric-On-Frame Installations

Jen Pack Jen Pack Jen Pack

Interesting and illusionistic, artist Jen Pack‘s fiber-on-frame works take on elements of both painting and weaving. After spinning and stitching together colorful compositions of thread, chiffon & cotton, she stretches out the works on a wooden frame like a canvas, paying attention to the way the colors and textures interact on the wall. Her interest in abstraction and slightly meditative clustering or patterning of materials give the works a dreamy effortlessness, and they exist as a space for the viewer to step in and lose themselves in the reverie of observation.

From afar, the works feel bold—even slightly aggressive—but upon further inspection, each piece reveals a soft, extremely fragile surface quality, complete with tiny, wild threads left to catch in the breeze. The duality is pleasing, and Pack’s finishing of the pieces leave the fragments of fabric interacting like paint on panel, illuminated from within by meticulous layering and draping of translucent materials.

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Dwayne Coleman’s Hippie Excitement

It just might be the granola I just ate but I’m loving these kitschy tie dyed paintings by Dwayne Coleman.

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Scenic Nail Art Installations

Alice Barlett - InstallationAlice Barlett - Installation Alice Barlett - Installation

From Instagram to the Flickr, clenched nail art shots are ubiquitous– ranging from classic solids to wild patterns; however, I’m pretty sure Alice Bartlett holds court as best in show. Moving beyond simple fashion trends, Bartlett artistically installs miniature scenes on the tips of her fingers: clad green flocking covers each nail, creating a tranquil resting place for tiny figures to contemplate the massive scope and delicacy of the world.

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Alexis Arnold’s Crystallized Literature


In applying borax crystal to books and magazines, Alexis Arnold turns functional reading material into sculpture. The naturally geometric planes of crystal adhere and warp pages, simultaneously marring and preserving classic and lowbrow titles alike. And hey, if nothing else, crystals are pretty cool. If you’re not afraid of inhaling some chemicals, turns out you can make your own at home.

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Nick and Sheila Pye

Nick and SheilaNick and Sheila

Creepy beautiful work by Canadian artists Nick and Sheila Pye that “expose the painful parts of romance: she leads him across a floor strewn with broken glass, intentionally causing him to cut his feet, he makes her jump rope blindfolded in a circle of fire until she collapses, they wet their underpants and lick each other’s eyeballs. Such are the actions performed by Nicholas and Sheila Pye, a married couple from Canada whose practice encompasses film, performance, video installations, and photography, through which they explore what happens when people fall in and out of love. The collaboration between the unmarried Marina Abramovic and Ulay seems the most likely precedent to the Pyes’ approach to art making.” Can anyone confirm if the text about Marina Abramovic and Ulay is true? Check out the rest of the article at Art Info.

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Mark Robinson’s Moody Mixed Media Works


Recent Manchester University grad Mark Robinson uses folklore narratives as a jumping-off point for his moody mixed media works. Robinson’s paintings, which contain visceral, almost spontaneous textual elements, serve as an outlet for his various frustrations and impressions. I like his flat use of color and black. And the piece directly below the jump, a silhouetted cowboy/bandit figure done in blue, suggests a good sense of texture. Definitely some interesting stuff from this young artist.

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Jillian Dickson’s Meticulous Drawings Fuse Human Organs With Nature

Jillian dickson drawingjillian dickinson drawingjillian dickson drawingjillian dickson drawing

A beautiful drawing lures you in. It enamors and feeds an aesthetic which is similar to falling in love. The senses are heightened and you feel good. It allows you to breath and stop for a moment and reflect. It acts as an aphrodisiac brought on not only by creator but viewer who enables it to live.

Jillian Dickson creates drawings filled with love. After giving birth to her son she reflected on the powerful connection between us and nature. This spawned a series which entwined placentas and umbilical chords with delicate budding flowers, insects and plants. Like the connection between mother and child the parts symbolize our union to every living thing in the world. In a weird way, the drawings recall The Matrix. There’s something deeper to be found behind expertly rendered flowers and parts which cannot be seen but felt.

The floral arrangements in Dickson’s drawings bloom off the page in round shapes resembling mandalas. The ultra detailing giving them not an artificial but almost surreal touch. Done in colored pencil, the fine point and light stroke needed to produce these intriguing pieces of paper preoccupies most of Dickson’s studio practice. They are labor intensive and done with much thought and care. Some past projects have involved two elephants, tumors and plants, hanging bodies and pastel babies. She has exhibited all over the world including The Louvre in Paris for Drawing Now and Manifest Drawing Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and works part time at Elon University.

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