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Irma Gruenholz’s Surreal Illustrations Crafted with Clay

irma-4 irma-9 irma-5 irma-3

Spanish illustrator Irma Gruenholz constructs hand sculpted, three-dimensional scenes using clay. Her surreal compositions primarily involve portraits of rosy-cheeked humans coupled with fantastical characteristics. A woman, posed like a frog, captures small human flies with her long tongue. Another illustration features a woman catching small bits of light between two chopsticks. Gruenholz forms the clay into smooth, elegant figures that don’t immediately read as handmade – they look like they could’ve been digitally produced.

A lot of work goes into crafting these illustrations. Gruenholz individually creates each character each character and scene using sculpting tools and paint. They’re held in place by stands and posed correctly. Scenes are photographed and later edited to remove the supports and produce the illusion that they could possibly be real.

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Gregory Kloehn Makes Awesome Sculptural Mobile Homes For The Homeless

gregory-kloehn-dumpster-homes-17[2] gregory-kloehn-dumpster-homes9[2] gregory-kloehn-dumpster-homes10[2]  gregory-kloehn-dumpster-homes2[6]

California-based artist Gregory Kloehn was tired of making sculptures for rich people. “It just sits there,” he said. “I kind of think that if you’re putting so much effort into something it would be nice if it actually did something.”

With the help of a close knit art community, Kloehn began his Homeless Homes Project, a collaborative endevour that provides sturdy, innovative and mobile shelters for the homeless.

They look like sculptures, but they actually serve a purpose.

Kloehn starts the process by installing beds, sinks, stoves, and storage shelves on regular old dumpsters and shipping containers. All of the ‘amenities’ are made with repurposed materials found on the streets.

To prove that his dumpster homes are fit to live, the artist put it to the test. He has actually lived in one that he built for himself, and fitted with such conveniences as granite counter topped kitchen, a microwave, a mini-stove, a fridge, and even a cushioned sofa.

With a successful run, Kloehn is a now a full-time home builder. So far he has built 10 tiny homes, some of which have already found tenants. (via Amusing Planet)

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Hong Chun Zhang’s Hairy Inanimate Objects

I am really enjoying Chinese artist Hong Chun Zhang’s paintings and drawings.  She combines ordinary banal objects and replaces an element of their own with hair.  A very interesting combination indeed!

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Jean Pichot

Jean Pichot went to the beach with Ana on their bicycles. Jean wanted us to come with, but we forgot to RSVP – so he captured the whole thing for us. Let’s go ahead and join them.

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Just In Time For Winter, Tony Tasset And Three Other Artists Who Create Snowmen Not Out Of Snow

Tony Tasset

Tony Tasset

Todd Hebert

Todd Hebert


Gary Hume, Back of a Snoman

Kristina Solomoukha, Discoba

Kristina Solomoukha, Discoba

Winter is coming!  Well, not so much in Los Angeles (although it did get down into the 40s last week), but across the country it seems to be looking a lot like Christmas.  One of any creative-minded individual’s favorite winter pastimes is making snowmen.  The four artists listed below take the art form to another level, incorporating the usually ephemeral figures into their art oeuvre in unique and intriguing ways.

Tony Tasset’s snowmen are partly funny, partly sad and partly just amazing sculptures.  Made from glass, resin, brass, enamel paint, poly-styrene, stainless steel and bronze the snow replicas are surprisingly convincing.  Catching a viewer off guard in a gallery setting, the snowmen freeze (pun intended) in time a phenomenon that is never the same—unlike in real life, Tasset’s snow personalities might last forever.

Kristina Solomoukha lives and works in Paris, France.  Her process is a reflection on urban space.  She pulls from codes and vocabulary from urban environments, combining them with her personal ideological view to create individual works and installations.  Playing with words and the absurd, her works, such as Discobaba, magnify and exaggerate existing aberrations.

Identified as a Young British Artist, Gary Hume, now 51, creates his snowmen images and sculptures by reducing them to their simplest forms.  Stacked spheres, the shapes are mere implications of a snowman, allowing a viewer’s mind to complete the association.   Titling the series “Back of a Snowman,” Hume’s works take on a melancholic mood.  We suddenly picture the snowman contemplating his own mortality, which in turn, might make us reflect upon our own.

Described as a pseudo Pop artist Todd Hebert’s meditative paintings apply airbrushed acrylic and super-realistic renderings to common holiday imagery.  The effects are narrative in a way that allows a viewer to be reflective about life at the various points of the year marked by the holidays.

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Mankind Mag


The lovely and talented Erin from Design For Mankind has done it again with a brand new Mankind mag- the “Pretty Issue,” an interesting thematic idea for a zine! I love that the model on the cover also has super short, androgynous pixie cut- not your typical depiction of “pretty” and yet she is gorgeous! More of our favorite spreads below- go HERE to download the latest issue!


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John Pham’s Streamlined Tron-Like Paintings

John Pham is most well known for his Graphic Novel Anthology Sublife as well as his work on Cartoon Network’s Problem Solverz. His personal work consists of vibrant gouache paintings that simultaneously reference modern design ethics and vintage computer imagery. Pham’s Tron –like environments exist as streamlined versions of Atari 2600 graphics.   

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You Won’t Believe What This Street Artist Did To Those Hilarious Realtor Bus Bench Ads We All Laugh At



realestate_layout_cc_blonde_905 realestate_bench_layout_cc_1_905

I have a deep respect for anyone who is willing to put their face on a bus stop bench knowing what people do to them. I thought it would be fun to do my own take on our local realtor advertisements.

We are all very familiar with the ridiculous realtor portraits on the bus benches, right? Well, freelance designer and creative director Phil Jones gives them an even more ridiculous spin.

As you can see on the images, Jones is eager to channel his inner realtor as he inserts himself into these local realtors’ advertisements. He goes deep into character by imitating the realtors’ poses, clothing choices, and even their hair and make-up! It is obvious that Jones wants to look as fake as possible; I think that this is part of the plan. There is no way that someone could pass by and not notice the wigs, the weird poses, and the overall awkwardness…or is there?

Although there isn’t much similarity between the mock and the real thing, it is still possible that many of the onlookers didn’t even notice the difference. Jones looks as ridiculous as the realtors do in the original, so it might of just passed as normal.

It all goes to make us question if these absurd ads make any impact at all. Do we expect these ads to always be this bizarre and comedic?

Now, I’m not even sure which one is funnier. (via)

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