Thom Kerr

Thom KerrThom Kerr is best known as a fashion photographer, but his work is creatively well mixed. After studying Fine Arts with a Film Degree in Brisbane, Australia, Thom initially began as a writer and director. His diverse background is unique, yet is style is similar to that of Baz Luhrmann. Check out more of his amazing Sci-Fi series after the jump.

Hasisi Park

Hasisi Park
Hasisi Park’s photos are at times crude yet tragically endearing. She’s worked with clients like Converse, various fashion lines for Seoul Fashion Week, and has also been featured in a couple fashion/art magazines. I love Hasisi’s info page, as the items listed there have almost nothing to do with usual bullets info pages and CVs, but instead reveals happenings that perhaps impacted her creative work. Though it’s difficult to truly understand someone through looking at a webpage, I feel like I’ve become to feel her work a little bit more.

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Tom Rubnitz’s “Pickle Suprise”

If you’d like to spend a lovely Saturday morning in the company of drag queens on the set of any early 90′s public access children’s show, please watch Pickle Surprise by Tom Rubnitz. Tom was a video artist most often associated with the New York East Village drag queen scene of the late 1980s. His video tapes were mainly inspired by pop culture and Las Vegas style shows. A number of his works featured RuPaul and members of the B-52′s. He also made the 1987 documentary Wigstock: The Movie about the annual drag queen festival. He unfortunately passed away in 1992 from an AIDS related disease, but left behind some great cinematic works.



Coming straight out of Cologne, Germany, design studio Lichtfront are working their magic all over the European electronic music scene. Their super-slick VJ work has been featured in events like Fib Benic├íssim, Monegros Desert Festival, Nature One, and Mayday. I don’t know anything about these events because I don’t really care for most electronic music, but they seem like a pretty big deal, with huge audiences and famous DJs.

Chris Jordan and Laura Ball

chris jordan and laura ball

The Kopeikin Gallery

Chris Jordan: “Running The Numbers… Again”

Laura Ball: “Boundary of the Interior”

September 12th through October 17th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12th from 6:00 – 9:00

Estelle Hanania

Estelle HananiaEstelle Hanania has taken some really crazy photos. Her work is fun, strange, and diverse. From crazy body painted models to wild grass monsters, Estelle has shot it all. check it out.

Ryo Kawanishi

Ryo Kawanishi
I’ve noticed this with many Japanese photographers: the simplicity yet complex compositions, familiar yet abstracted subject matter, and their ability to bring me back to a moment from a movie where I think definitively, “I’ve felt this before”. Photographer Ryo Kawanishi is no exception to this. Looking at his site, I feel almost like I’m listening to a Happy End soundtrack (oh wait, I am) in some Asian suburb. Without really using any mentions of locality in his work, he is able to take me there. He seems to be represented by the webgallery TRYNOME which houses other talents.

Erica Magrey

"Into the Wild"

"Into the Wild"

Erica Magrey is an New York based artist and musician exploring the ways in which fantasy shapes reality and identity. Much of her work takes a cue from sci-fi and kids’ TV shows, employing costumes and handmade miniature sets to portray alien worlds and beings. There’s some humorous writings on her site that would give you more insight into her idiosyncratic and wild videos but I couldn’t post them here but they’re all graphic images…so go to her site and read ‘em!