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NAM for Digital Temple

Nam is a Japanese graphic art collective established by Takayuki Nakazawa (Graphic Designer) and Hiroshi Manaka (Photographer). This is their special project for Digital Temple magazine.

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Fashion Brand KOFTA Forms Leather Into Gothic Anatomy Inspired Bags

Konstantin KoftaKonstantin KoftaKonstantin Kofta   Konstantin Kofta

KOFTA is the brain child of Kiev based designer Konstantin Kofta. In his collections Hug, Born, Roots, he experiments with leather manipulation to produce surrealistic and elegant garments, accessories and wearable items. His pieces imitate body parts and look like they are extensions of the person wearing them. Including backpacks that mimic torsos, bags with raised vertebrae, straps with hands attached ‘holding’ onto the wearer’s shoulders, and shoes that look like feet, Kofta’s designs are delicately gothic. He describes his inspiration for the Hug collection further:

From birth, we try to stand up and take our first steps. We yearn to touch and be touched and to feel sensations for the first time. We can perceive objects with an unclogged consciousness. Pure perception without comparison. We know nothing other than that which we can see and feel… Spirit does not have form, but some forms can have spirit, vibration does not have a color but color can have vibration, mood does not have a texture, but textures can have a mood. In this collection we focus for the first time more on feelings than just on physical forms and we have created forms, colors and textures according to these sensations… (Source)

Designing with a emphasis on sensuality, Kofta loves to tease out an emotional response to his designs. He combines the unintentional and unexpected to produce durable, unique and wearable pieces of art. Kofta designs with the intention of adding unusual components to a person’s lifestyle, not just their wardrobe, and I would say his pieces achieve a lot more than that.

Via Demilked

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Ghostly, Warped Prints and Drawings from Joseph Parra


Joseph Parra, who received his BFA in Painting this year from MICA, has started his career with a running start. Back in 2008, he worked with famed architect  Richard Gehry as part of HBO’s Masterclass,  and last year he completed a solo show at Galerie M in Milwaukee, WI. He distorts portraits of absentminded subjects with unorthodox techniques, employing sand paper and collage. Parra’s charcoal drawings, also figurative in nature, are equally of note. His drawings (like his prints) are ghostly. His figures are presented with little distraction, no context or background. This demonstrates a confidence in his image making. He’s showing us exactly what he wants us to see.

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Rivane Neuenschwander Turns Beautiful Ideas Into Installations

Rivane Neuenschwander - installation Rivane Neuenschwander - installation Rivane Neuenschwander - installation

Rivane Neuenschwander is a Brazillian artist who works in film, photography, sculpture, collaboration, participatory events and installation.  Her work employs beautiful ideas, unpretentious materials and an inspiring vision.  For I Wish Your Wish, an installation at the New Museum, Neuenschwander drew from a tradition at the São Salvador church Nosso Senhor do Bonfirm.  She invited visitors to take a ribbon from the installation, tie it around their wrist, and leave it until it falls off.  Once that happens their wish will come true.  Or First Love, a work where a police sketch artist sits with visitors as they describe their “first loves.”  The portraits were then hung in the gallery for the exhibition.  Rain Rains, is a collection of leaking buckets controlled from flooding by a Sisyphean recirculation tended to by museum staff.  One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of galaxy scenes that depict narrative layers of which the viewer becomes a participant.  The hole-punched circles along with the frames, articulate the duration of the exhibition in calendar form.  A viewer is encouraged to contemplate the idea of one thousand and one nights.

Allowing the participation of visitors, Neuenschwander blurs the boundaries that traditionally stand between artist and viewer.  She instigates an idea, permitting it to discriminate via the public.  Her work becomes a living, breathing mass collaboration combining nature, language and the ephemeral.

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Brought by Burberry: New Music From Britian

The good folks at Burberry have gathered a great collection of musicians to create a brilliant campaign promoting their line of Aviator glasses. Comprised of British bands The Daydream Club, Life In Film, Marika Hackman, and One Night Only, each video is a classic stripped down, black and white music video that takes all the typical cliche gimmicks we’re used to seeing in music videos and focuses on what matters, the music. Each band has it’s own unique sound ranging from alt folk, garage rock, and classic rock but with a modern twist. Watch all the videos after the jump.

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Jeff Koons And Other Art Stars Bring Awareness To Scarcity Of Clean Water Around The World

Mary Jordan- Water Tank Project Mary Jordan- Water Tank Project Mary Jordan- Water Tank ProjectMary Jordan- Water Tank Project

Mary Jordan’s Water Tank Project brings to the New York skyline a beautiful and pertinent reminder that water is, in most respects, sacred. The project has brought glorious eye candy into the periphery, yet its first and foremost mission is to spread awareness regarding the dire water situation the majority of this world experiences.

The backstory to the effort reads like a movie: filmmaker Mary Jordan was working on a documentary in Ethiopia back in 2007. Three months in she became deathly ill from accidentally ingesting contaminated water. Nursed back to health by the women of the village she was living in, Jordan survived and was urged by these women to thank them through working to increase awareness on the water crisis within their country and the world.

One day, while back in New York, Jordan gazed up at a water tower and had an epiphany: “They’re like these little temples that hold water,” she thought, and realized the inherent symbolism of the structure itself, and the potential power to communicate that it held. Thus, the Water Tank Project was born. Jordan founded Word Above The Street, with the intent of utilizing the city’s water-related infrastructure to showcase water-related art and increase awareness.

The project gained an impressive level of momentum as artists Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Andy Goldsworthy, Jeppe Hein, John Baldessari, and many, many others have signed up to produce graphic wraps for the over 100 water towers included in the project. With the tag line: Art Above NYC, Water Above All, Jordan is doing a remarkable job at fulfilling her promise, and getting you to think about your relationship with water and what effects the conservation of water can mean to those in countries less fortunate than ours.

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Awesome Video of the Day #2: Garuda

Garuda from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

An animated short film about a young boy in India chasing after his dream. Animated at Les Gobelins in Paris by Nicolas AthaneMeryl FranckAlexis LiddellAndres Salaff, and Maïlys Vallade.

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Whoop Dee Doo!!!

Whoop Dee Doo!!!
Whoop Dee Doo, hosted by your awesome friends, Jaimie and Matt, is a kid-friendly faux public access television show featuring pre-planned performances accompanied by live audience participation (Kind of like a radical talent show!!). The show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but has traveled and worked with many amazing arts organizations all over the country. Some of the awesome places we have worked with include the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, Deitch Projects in New York, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago and more!

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