Noriko Ambe’s Sublime Traces

I know I’ve seen the book on the left circulating on all sorts of blogs, I had been wondering who’s work it was. Now I share the wisdom.

Here is an excerpt from Ambe’s artists’ statement, which I think describes her work better than I could. Beautiful, and human.
“After getting aware of the viewpoint of an “empty self,” I started in 1999 a series of works using paper, titled “Linear-Actions Projects by Drawing and Cutting.” It looks like annual rings of a tree or topographical map or waive, but it isn’t. It is absolutely the traces of actions of a person, which is me.

So to speak, I have been mapping the mysterious land between physical and emotional geography. I want to attain something sublime. The entrance of the way is detail. The detail is the key point of nature, and we are part of nature.”

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