The Daughters Of Job

608a_1228689902608b_1228689902-copySome amazing photographs by Alison Malone.
A description of the project in Alison’s own words:

I have photographed a group of girls, between the ages of ten and twenty, who are involved in a secret society known as Job’s Daughters. The girls are the direct blood relatives of Master Masons and the group is the only Masonic Youth organization to require this blood relationship. It takes its name from the Book of Job, 42nd chapter, 15th verse: “And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job.” One of the main reasons that I am drawn to this group is because I was a member of it in the early 1990’s and found the experience to be intense as a child, yet increasingly fascinating to consider as an adult.

My main interest is in the type of girl who finds comfort in ritual and its ability to allow her to disassociate from one world and become part of something much bigger then she is. I approach these girls in a way that looks at their world from an insider’s point of view. The architecture of the lodges and the ceremonial details are meant for the same activation that are engaging within the individual portraits of the girls. By using a systematic approach to observe the spaces, I allow the subtle difference in each room to form a language of nuanced individuality amongst rigid structure that is found in sacred geometry. The role that the Freemasons give meticulous execution and order, provides these spaces with what ultimately gives strength to the ties that bind the people in these organizations. I have found my own psychological space transformed in these lodges much like the way it would be in a church, temple, or mosque. The sense of the quiet familiar gives structure to the organization, but the sense of discovery that comes from noticing the subtle differences in each space is what drives you to keep looking for personality.

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