668_1230680125These bento boxes I found recently completely blew me away.
In japan, a lot of moms will make bento “lunchboxes” for their kids, making cute animals or characters out of food so that kids will enjoy their lunches more, called “Kyaraben.” Anyways, this girl gets up at 6 am in the morning, after hours of sketching and planning the night before, to make these lunches for her boyfriend. On his flickr, he uploads the photos and carefully labels each section, “cheese and seaweed” “Brussel sprouts with seaweed and sesame seed eyes” etc. It takes a real man to show up for work, take a break with the boys in the lunch room and bust out a Miyazaki themed bento box. That dude has got to be stoked. You can view her preparatory sketches and learn how to make sausage flowers and beyond on her blog.

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  • Alexis