Konst & Teknik/ Trace a Face with Jonathan Puckey

“13 fellow artist and designers—1:2:3, Europa, Fageta, Florian Ludwig, Harm van den Dorpel, Kristina Brusa, Laurenz Brunner, Martijn Hendriks, Martin Ström, NODE Berlin Oslo, Ola Persson, Stefan Narancic and Åbäke—were asked to trace a face using the Delaunay Raster, a custom-written image vectorization tool for Adobe Illustrator.
The tool was made by Jonathan Puckey using the scripting plugin Scriptographer and can simply be described as digital pen, drawing triangular objects that are coloured by an underlying image. The tool combines the intuitive and motion based character of a brush or a pencil with the distortive and manipulating characteristics of a filter.
The submitted portraits all share the same aesthetic but differ in approach and concept. To name a few: London-based design studio Åbäke contributes with the face of the very first person to undergo a partial face transplant, Mia Frostner of Europa traces a self-portrait of the orphism artist Sonia Delaunay and Swedish programmer Martin Ström removes the manual aspects of the tool itself, to generate a remake of a pop-icon.”

via konst-teknik.se

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