Drew Struzan’s Epic Vistas @ Gallery Nucleus

Nucleus Gallery is currently showing Drew Struzan’s epic work. If you are not instantly familiar with Drew Struzan, one look at his artwork will unlock a world of revelation.

Like, did you ever wonder who illustrated Harry Potter’s eerily illuminated candelabras and floating black castles? Rambo’s idealized hair, blowing in the wind of an idealized light source? Indiana Jones’ softly focused glowing determination in the face of contagious fires and mystical relics? I sure have. And the answer, my friends, is Drew Struzan. This guy is like the Frank Frazetta of epic movies. Let’s be real here- the guy did Big Trouble in Little China! Check out his exhibit- up until March 2nd. (And if you haven’t been to Gallery Nucleus before, they’re one of those great combo places that does it all- huge gallery space, awesome shop, even a studio propduction space- they usually have rad artists, be sure to stop by.)

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