You be the judge…

Did anyone see this in the UK Telegram last week? The headline is “Girl graffiti artist, 10, is the ‘female Banksy” 

What in the world? Shes a 10 year old from Brighton. She spraypaints murals all over, and according to this article, shes got street cred. whoa.
I’m twenty seven years old goddamnit. Do I have to hang out with 10 year olds to be cool now?

Look at this! Shes giving some guy a tattoo! Am I the only one who thinks this is bizarre? Check out the chains around her neck too! Damn! 

Solveig, keep it up. When you turn 12, run for president (or prime minister) you are Awesome!

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  • marcus

    crazy. she’s very talented… and i don’t want to be the “technicality” guy, but, the only thing similar between her and banksy is the rattlecan.

  • john brown

    Yea she isn’t Banksy but the photo of her tattooing is priceless.

  • Sasha

    Haha I love the graffiti mural of her spelling her name with a good old british fry up and a subtle “bite me” in the corner.

  • i’ve been debating am i going to hate on the kid or support her little graffiti dreams… well ill support her being ten and spray painting everything up…but hmmm something about her getting press for age alone and then the work of bansky being compared to fun kid stuff… i think ill just hate on the brit that published the story and made the comparison…then why hate at all hell big hug to the UK