Ivo van der Bent, “Think of Me” series

I really like how the isolation of the object and their illumination by the camera give the plants human characteristics- those not getting any love. The ones in our office are slowly resembling these :[

Visit the Ivo van der Bent’s to see more of his work.



The following artist bio taken from the photographer’s site (which I quite liked):

“There is no compromising in Ivo’s photography – a quick look at his work tells us that much. He doesn’t offer us any glimpse of his own perspective, but instead he confronts us with the reality he has orchestrated and lets us decide for ourselves what to think.

What Ivo means to say with his motto “My photography isn’t meant to be beautiful” is that even though he does consider the aesthetic side of his pictures, his main intention is not to seek the most pleasant or graceful side of his subjects. His interest lies elsewhere: on the edge of reality and representation. Some of Ivo’s pictures may look like snapshots at first sight, but a closer look will reveal his strong compositions and attention to detail. In action, his absolute presence together with a simple flash technique ensures both control and flexibility. The scene becomes his playground; he lets his subjects face the camera, and freezes the moment when the scene he has created uncovers something new, appealing, unexpected, or revealing.”

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  • how sad they need some love fast

  • Amir

    These remind me of the time when I was a temp and worked at “hydro aluminum company” in Baltimore. It was 2001 and I was just starting to work on B/D. I would go into my office or “death trap” as I liked to call it and do mundane tasks like filing and data entry. It had to be the worst job in the world. Luckily I had some downtime during the day that I would use to get in touch with artists to interview and figure out how to purchase bar codes for the magazine…. ahhh those were the days!

  • Sasha

    Haha these are funny. But hey, the plants in our office aren’t that bad! Maybe some.