Yasumasa Morimura

Look, This is in Fashion!

'Look, This is in Fashion!'

I’m pretty obsessed with Yasumasa Morimura’s surrealist, hallucinogenic photography. Half acid trip, half anime, pure eccentricity. Macabre hilarity, grand hallucinations. And witty titles that complement the imagery in strange and abstract ways. 


Where Are We From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

'Where Are We From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?'


Fated To Wait For Someones Death,

Fated To Wait For Someone's Death.


I am Flying. It Is Your Own Fault If You Are Used As A Stepping Stone.

I am Flying. It Is Your Own Fault If You Are Used As A Stepping Stone.

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  • http://trytobegood.com Fei

    Hahaha, oh my god. The last one is great, these phallic phists (fallic fists?) sticking out of old wrinkly sacs…

  • http://www.edwardtorres.net Edward Torres

    That first one iz tooo much. LOVE IT. Good to see some Fresh & Funny Work

  • http://www.sashamlee.com Sasha

    Haha and the title is puuuuuure genius. PS Im pretty sure all of the images are Morimura in drag.

  • http://www.sashamlee.com Sasha

    Edward- thanks for stopping by, the one with the girls with chairs on their heads is my hands down fave too! Have you seen his series of him as Frida Kahlo? Pretty awesome.

  • kira

    how does his work have anything at all to do with anime

  • so c.

    these are amazing! haha :)

  • Amir

    His older work was much more serious. I love great art that doesn’t take itself too serious.

  • http://www.sashamlee.com Sasha

    Kira- for me, they remind me in particular of Hayao Miyazaki’s surrealist situations and morphing characters- the girls in the first photograph could almost be in “Spirited Away,” sort of half No-Face, half who knows what.

  • toni
  • Sasha

    Yeah! I forgot to mention that they are based on Goya’s etchings. This one is a little more obvious: http://burnaway.org/wp-content/myimages/2009/01/morimura-nightmare.jpg
    (based on the sleep of reason produces monsters- I forget the exact title, but that etching.) Somehow I like the other ones a bit better in the series.