Art Dubai/Sharjah Biennial: Day 4


Art Dubai Opens today but I had a chance to sneak in yesterday and take some shots before the masses stormed the fair. As a result I don’t have the names of all the artists/galleries but there’s still some good eye candy.




Animals seemed to be a big theme this year with almost every other booth having an animal based sculpture. I don’t have the artists name for the above piece but it’s an amazing work made of  glass marbles of various sizes. I believe that there is even a taxidermic dear head encased inside.



At another booth a giant heard of cows graze and forge for food.



Each cow is made out of thousands of gold balls.




At Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin a sculpture by Chiho Aoshima takes shelter from the sorching heat while  the gallery hangs Farhad Moshiri’s paintings in the background.


A  Beautiful mix of abstraction/representation living in harmony in a painting by Subodh Gupta.


This piece by Jitish Kallat at Chemould Prescott Road Gallery sits on large golden sculptural claws… It seems that Jitish has taken a que from Chris ofili’s use of elephant dung for painting supports.




The fair was starting to look like a zoo with yet another animal based theme piece by Jagannath Panda at  Chemould Prescott Road Gallery.




A nice Julien Opie portrait.



Looks like a cow ran away from the heard and went to another booth…



and got covered in stickers.

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  • Fei

    Wow the art looks amazing. The stickers were really unexpected, as was the deer’s head enveloped in glass beads. And yeah, I’ve also noticed the animal themes lately…well what can I say but that I’m a fan!

  • jason

    I’m pretty sure the sticker cow was done by Nelson Leirner. He makes some great pieces.

  • Haha, yeah I think my fave was the marble deer head. Mystical crystal ball meets western saloon. I like it.

  • Those cows are insane.
    I didn’t miss that Farhad Moshiri piece in the background.
    Can’t wait to see more images from this show.