Samia Mirza


Sometimes you don’t need a million dollars like Damien Hirst to create interesting sculpture. According to Samia Mirza you just need some Taxidermied bull’s foot, Great Stuff, and oversized calculator (see above image)…






Making sculpture out of everyday materials (although a taxidermied bull’s foot isn’t that everyday) is a challenge but Samia seems to pull it off w/out a hitch. The piece shown above titled “Shiva” is a perfect example. It’s crudely built out of what looks like paper mache and has paint splattered all over it but somehow Samia pulls it off.



Another good one titled “Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Eyes”.



Titled “Drop your legs and lay on me said the Meecha to the Macha”… Is this a yoga reference?








The artist at work.

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