Austin Eddy


If you are reading this right now, then you stil have time to catch Austin Eddys new work at Thrones Gallerys show Insider Art . 123 N. Jefferson st. in Chicago. It closes the 10th so you better jump on that plane soon, Im not sure what the time difference is.


“I am creating images and objects that are a synthesis of my experience of the over abundance of information, cultural blurring, spiritual ambiguity, and the darker-side to happiness that I found in modern living. In this work I am examining the magic of life and the ever-present idea of death through the adaptation and recreation of imagery from my adolescences, popular culture, drug and music sub-cultures, occultism, and art historical references. Through this work I aim to find some sort of understanding and transcend the confused melancholy of our time.”

-Austin Eddy


  • Sasha

    oh my god i love it! is that a magic bong with a face and glitter rainbow?

  • drew

    please and thank you. great stuff on his website too.