Tommy Reynolds


Some incredibly and bizarrely detailed photography by Tommy Reynolds. These photographs are able to get across reynolds’ concept, but are still seemingly candid. Personally I enjoy how these photos highlight the beauty behind a mess. 





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  • coh

    ooh i love these! especially the last one, the chair is gorgeous

  • I wish that you all could see these in person, they are quite large in every way. The First picture highlighted here was made in conjunction with artist Ryan Widger, ( ) as an advertisement for a great restaurant in Detroit called Slows Bar B Que ( ). The Last two images are about seven and a half feet tall which makes the length of the horizontal picture 14′.

    Thank you for highlighting the work,

  • Collaborating with Tommy on that picture was a blast…His ability to organize chaos is the perfect quell to my orchestration of chaos. His large scale photographs are frenetic. Although dwarfing in scale, Tommy’s pictures never call on the monolithic, they have few resting points and multiple movements. Psychologically the viewer is left in stunted arrangement with few analytic tools. In person these pictures evoke a state that good work is supposed to, speechless displacement.