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Sneak peak of a part of the front cover for issue:1



Everyone has been asking us what we’ll do after Issue Z. In our tradition of innovation, Beautiful/Decay will reinvent itself in a brand new, expanded format with Issue 1 in July.


Beginning as a hand-photocopied, black and white ‘zine over ten years ago, Beautiful/Decay has always proudly put artists—and quality content—first. We are re-launching Beautiful/Decay to have all the benefits of traditional magazine subscribership, while taking the form of an expanded, limited edition, more voluminous publication.


In keeping with the spirit of our independent DIY philosophy, we have decided to break the mold of traditional magazines and change the way we do business. In this economy, most publications are either going out of business or watering down their content to appease advertisers. Rather than conform to the publishing industry’s new rules, we’ve decided to create our own business model that allows us to flourish and increase the quality of our content.


One thing we’ve always disliked about the mainstream print industry is that it can be wasteful. Newsstands throw away all unsold magazines, averaging a 40-60% waste rate. In keeping with our commitment to staying green, Beautiful/Decay will instead send issues straight into the hands of subscribers, rather than dumpsters.


Here’s what the new B/D will look like:

• Eliminated ALL traditional advertising


• Made an 50% increase in page count, meaning 164 pages of pure, unfiltered content


• Features now have double the page space, with more full-color images & articles


• Articles now run 16-20 pages, providing some of the most in-depth coverage of emerging artists available today


• Released in limited edition format of only 1,500-2000 copies, each one hand numbered


• Each issue comes with a limited edition collaborative artist projectranging from inserts, stickers, posters, to original artwork


• Presented in new format & size, including French flaps and multiple printing processes within


• Released 3 times a year (once every 4 months)

To celebrate our new expanded format, Issue 1 will feature a hand-drawn, original artwork by previously B/D featured artist Kyle Thomas. These will sell out, as we already have 1000 subscribers on our list so be sure to subscribe in order to reserve your copy. 

I hope that you’re all as excited about this as we are at Beautiful/Decay. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new direction.


Thanks for the support,


Amir H. Fallah





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Click above to subscribe!




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  • Mike

    So that is to say—the last issue to be publicly available in a magazine / bookstore is Issue Z, right?

    For what it’s worth, whether it be the popularity of Z or it’s “numerical” significance or a general flub on part of the distributor, this issue was never available where I’m at here on the east coast.

    I’ve confirmed this at multiple retail locatinos. 🙁

    Anyways, GREAT to hear about the expanded move… but sorry to not to be able to enjoy the trip to the store to pick it up anymore.

  • Amir

    Hi Mike,

    We want to make sure that we don’t waste a single copy of the magazine so we will only sell B/D to stores who will not toss after a few months. The newsstand model works great for magazines featuring time sensitive articles that will be irrelevant after a short period but we’ve always focused on being a resource/research tool for artists and designers who can come back and look at B/D over and over again.

    We will make the magazine available at a few select bookstores in each city. If there is a shop in your town that you think should carry B/D please have them get in touch with us at You can also subscribe and enjoy a trip to the mailbox to get the new issue! Thanks,amir

  • Matt

    Looking forward to it. What will happen to my current subscription? Will I need to re-up immediately or will I continue getting the new issues until my current subscription expiries?

  • whoa this is pretty big. and cool. can’t wait to see the new format. i think i still have a photocopied beautiful decay lying around somewhere.

  • Intern

    Im really excited about this. Im looking over Feis shoulder as shes working on it and it looks so damn cool.

    Viva issue1!

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