Diana Al-Hadid


Diana Al-Hadid’s transfixing sculptures remind me of the point in the Neverending Story where the white light castle slowly begins to disintegrate from the Nothing, as well as the prison in Lord of the Rings Gandalf is kept in. I think it’s because her sculptures are somewhat mystical, doomed to deconstruct and somehow seem in the process of changing, growing, or collapsing- possible only in some sort of imagined fantasy space. Although here they are, despite all odds, as if teleported from a strange alternate universe of kings and mages and black wizards….






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  • Amir

    I hung out with Diana in Sharjah…. Awesome!

  • love her work!

  • jason

    these are gorgeous.

  • Oooh awesome, they’re pretty amazing!! Is she like a wizard? Her work kinda seems like she would be.

  • Amir

    Not a wizard although she probably wouldn’t mind it.

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  • Mike You remember

    We did it!