Stephanie Davidson





Stephanie Davidson’s works are, for lack of a better word, super bratty. Like she totally knows it, too. It’s loaded with post-modern irony lost in the throes of youthful know-it-allness. (My Swedish friend calls them: Besser-Vissers. Better knowers? I always liked this invented word.) It’s kinda like wearing a scrunchie and reading the Babysitter’s Club while blasting Boyz II Men just for the kicks of a patronizingly late 90’s obtuse reference, regardless of how little I actually like it. Or, like staring into a gradient-laden orb slowly rotating a white wizzard in the middle of space. (PS thanks to Jason Redwood for the link.)





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  • ben

    my swedish is not so good (even though i just lived in stockholm for a couple of months) but there is a quite simliar – not invented – word in german: Besserwisser.

  • Ahhh my favorite city, Sweden is the most mystical land of vikings of all time! They still speak elvish there! Yes yes, that rings a bell, it must be German. He makes up a lot of words put obviously this one is a loaner! My other favorite word he made up for the tight dresses girls wear out on the town: party-bladder or sausage-skins. Yay!

  • This is awful. I can’t stand this new fad of, as you so aptly labeled it, “bratty” art that looks like a bad early 90’s acid trip. Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

  • Haha- I actually am a fan of it. I don’t know if I can fully explain the current interest by young artists in this genre, but I think it has something to do with the nostalgia of our youth. Something about Sweet Valley Twins and wizard gifs bring back both warm and fuzzy and tortured memories of middle school, when AOL chat rooms and acne-angst reigned supreme. I guess it’s kind of laughing/lauding the era. Same reason kids these days love neon and new kids on the block shirts. (Fei.)

  • Alex

    Yuup! Nostalgia like a muthafucka. the 90’s was such a hiccup in technology and style, and I cant help but think about how it compares to the emergence electric instruments, and how we had that thing in the 80s with people making music based solely on capability rather than how it actually sounded (Tangerine Dream?)

    One more thing,
    is that wizard blasting off over stonehenge dressed for St. Lucia day?
    Sweden: you so crazy.

  • This was a superb post