Nick Blinko

Nick Blinko is considered an outsider artist. He also leads the relic punk band Rudimentary Peni. No one knows much about him other than a few smapshots of him and a few documents recording the time he spent in a psychiatric ward as a youth. subsequently, he believes that the anti-psychotics prescribed to him obstruct his creative impulses and spends long periods off of his medication, recording and creating detailed compositions of faces, coffins, figures, handwritten notes. I think appreciating his work helps if you are familiar with his music too. Surprise! he never made a website either.


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  • Hiya,

    I saw your work published on Henry Boxer’s site! I went round to his house last year Jan 11 A lovely guy! He also published my worl too If your interested u want to do a colloboartion?
    Best Wishes,