Booooooom Project #8! Music Video…

Our dear friend Jeff over at Booooooom recently launched a cool new interactive project for all his readers- he will be making a viral music video for the band Choir of Young Believers, comprised ENTIRELY of footage submitted by YOU! Get all the details on how to enter here.
I’m pretty into his “idea checklist”:


A-Z Idea Checklist – Feel free to use all or none of these ideas:

a) interpretive dance (i hope some of you go this direction)
b) costumes (elaborate or subtle)
c) sunrise, sunset
d) face paint
e) an open field (corn or otherwise)
f) kites
g) find all the instruments and perform the song correctly
h) fake everything
i) cinéma vérité (move the camera! go wild!)
j) build elaborate sets (or film it all under a blanket on your bed)
k) robots
l) literal or magical
m) perform on a rooftop (a building not a car… well its up to you)
n) paper mache
o) temporary tattoos
p) animals
q) cardboard and duct tape
r) mirrors
s) sunglasses
t) in the mall food court
u) underwater?
v) beautiful people or ugly people
w) smoke machine
x) flashlights
y) lens flares
z) mustaches


I have to say my favorites would have to be a, b, d, l, r, and, quite obviously (everyone knows my penchant for facial hair here), Z!

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