Terence Hannum


Friend of B/D and all around good guy Terence Hannum has a batch of  new drawings on his site that are worth a look or two. Terence  works in a wide variety of mediums from video to painting, always creating work revolving around his continued fascination and exploration of music.  Keeping with his interests in music, Terence is also active in the Chicago music scene with is band Locrian, whose sound can best be described as a blend of noise, power electronics, dark ambient, and black metal. 





Terence’s “Proclamation” taken from his site….


“In the shadows, in the basement hollows, in the darkest spaces where music exists on a periphery forged by remaining out of the spotlight, a secular congregation remains prostrate before blackened shrines of amplifiers – fingers in their ears, swaying in the full deluge of possession.






To me music and religion mix on many planes. On one hand music is put to use (or strictly and selectively prohibited from use) in religious practices, while on the other hand unsacred music approaches music as a religion with its own holy days, rituals, relics and divisions between what is considered sacred and profane. These observances are even more defined within the music generated and celebrated by subcultures.



It is this periphery of the living cult that I am interested in reflexively and poetically documenting to translate through installation a frame for analyzing how ritual sublimates chaos even on the most outer fringe of the sonic spectrum.”



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