B/D Movie Time Wrap up!



Thanks to everyone that made it out to our screening of Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary screening last night at Space 15twenty.  The screening was a great success,  with great summer time weather and comfy beach chairs to relax on. All the seats were filled within minutes and a few troopers even stood for the entire length of the movie!  





Snackbar, the restaurant located in the courtyard of the complex supplied everyone with cinnammon flavored popcorn, drinks, and for those that were hungry burgers and fries. We even had a few people eating turn their seats around and enjoy the film.




Make sure to arrive early last week as there are only a limited number of seats and they will disappear fast. We’ll be screening Basquiat, the quintessential  pop art movie about one of the most famous contemporary artists ever, Jean-Michael Basquiat. 


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