Michael Kontopoulos



Michael Kontopoulos, a grad student at UCLA Design|Media Arts has created a system of sculptures that are constantly on the brink of collapse. His intention was to capture and sustain the exact moment of impending catastrophe and endlessly repeat it. This documentation gives me the chills, makes me sweat, and I almost scream when each machine comes close to collapse. Good job Michael.

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  • Haha that’s awesome. People with OCD must be biting their nails while watching that film. It’s probably like nails on a chalkboard for them, or anyone by that matter. I just want to go in there and tip it over. Haha

    Oops, looks like my comment went to the wrong post. This is the correct one.

  • Fei

    Hi Patrick! I saw that comment which went to my post and was a tad confused at first, I was thinking, “wait.. I thought it was an exhibition..” But it all makes sense now!

    You run a cool blog too, I went over and checked it out a bit.

    Thanks for reading!

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