young adult contemporary lifestyle

I love these (kind of bad but) great posters by Young Adult Contemporary Lifestyle, a pan-scandinavian coalition of greatness. I’m a big fan of its designers, linked at the end of this post.


Newer than the NKOTB. Newer than the NWOBHM. Newer than the Neue Typographie. Newer even than the New age. Five individuals who do stuff in different cultural fields, meeting on the Internet and in reality.

The first exhibition of work, group work as well as individual work, will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on the 9th of May. Later, happenings will happen in Oslo and Malmö and probably other places.

The opening (which of course also is the closing) of the exhibition will also see the band Night Piano perform their song “Memories of Ice” for the first time ever.

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