Zach Johnsen

Coffee Break

Zach Johnsen‘s use of graphite and watercolor in his work such as Coffee Break, and many other pieces, is what really attracts me to his work.  I like how he doesn’t use the watercolors in the most traditional style. The watercolor and graphite work well together and individually, and his subjects plus style just make me want to study all the details of his different pieces. Zach Johnsen also has a really interesting style and way of working because he uses coffee as a medium in a lot of his pieces which give them a really unique look and makes him stand out as a artist.


Caffe LatteExplosive Donuts Installred-no31

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  • whoa! these are awesome!

  • Phenomenal.

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  • I love this!!

  • Godiva

    Whoa…this reminds me so much of Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities. But in caffeine-induced technicolor.

  • Godiva

    Actually…forget “caffeine-induced technicolor.” This is just Longo on acid. Awesome.

  • Amir

    I agree Godiva, It’s a modern twist to Robert Longo’s work….. good eye!

  • Anyone else think, “Regeneration”?

  • so

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