Mark Rubenstein

Mark Rubenstein


Mark Rubenstein has spent the last 6 years developing his multi-part series Common Place. A personal testament to the emotional challenges inherent within his “coming of age” narrative – set in a surreal world that uniquely encompasses what it means to grow up and examine life in a new way. The series presents a cast of characters that seem to manifest themselves as one being, uniting to embark on a grand journey.


Mark Rubenstein, bushweb



I am thoroughly enjoying these photographs. I feel that, all at once, they perfectly encapsulate the bittersweet, oftentimes tumultuous transition from childhood to adulthood–those emotional growth spurts, wild highs and lows, and golden moments of triumph.


Mark Rubenstein, daniel
Mark Rubenstein, darknessweb
Mark Rubenstein, Cliff

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  • Wow! beautiful post Alexis!

  • Ed

    One of my favorite people, thanks for shedding some light on his work!