Brian Cooper

Interiority (2007), 35.75 x 47.75

Interiority (2007), 35.75 x 47.75

Artist Brian Cooper‘s paintings explore the idea of landscape and space through abstract representation. His work features surreal situations that appear to explode from their ‘real’ counterparts. Check out the way he uses depth by contrasting the ” tension between flat and far” to create eerie and fantastical environments. I love how, as the viewer, I get sucked into the padded rooms and sharp angles of his creative, dali-esque compositions. The structures and strange shapes become more enticing through Cooper’s use of rich colors. There’s a cool tangible quality to the visual textures of the abstract surfaces, especially in Bulge, posted after the jump.

bulge (2006), 36" x 26.75"

bulge (2006), 36" x 26.75"

Art in Public [Metro] (2007), 20" x 32"

You might miss them at first glance, but look for the Metro bus sign and little birds…

The Romance of Space and Time (2008), 48" x 36"

Hidden in the mass of corners and walls in the painting above are hints of city – see if you can find them before scrolling down to a more detailed shot…


A finalist of this years West Prize, he was most recently featured at the Next Art Fair in Chicago, where his artworks were shown with those of the remaining finalists. Other art shows to look out for him at are:

2009 Friends of Sky, Circus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2009 West Prize Exhibition, The West Collection, Oaks, PA
2009 Artra, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Lovable Like Orphaned Kitties and Bastard Children, Green Gallery, Miwaukee, WI

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    These are tight, Akhila! : )

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    Brian Cooper ROCKS!