Frieda Gossett

Frieda Gossett, Finch



Colorado-born Frieda Gossett‘s craftsmanship is mind-blowing. Her style alludes to taxidermy, and is highly reminiscent of tattooing. Frieda’s craft consists of dyeing and treating the leather, and actually hand-stamping (!!!) the ornate patterns onto her various creatures. She doesn’t have photos of these beauties uploaded to her site, but I managed to pull these from the Systema Naturae shows she did with Gallery Nucleus.



Frieda Gossett, Hammerhead #3

Hammerhead #3


Frieda Gossett, Hammerhead #3 Close-up

Hammerhead #3 Close-up


Hammerhead #4

Hammerhead #4


Hammerhead #4 Close-up

Hammerhead #4 Close-up


Frieda Gossett, Ivory Billed Woodpecker 1

Ivory Billed Woodpecker 1

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