Jason Maloney

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Jason Maloney’s work is clever and oh so true. His paintings and drawings obviously stem from events in his past, but when transformed into these amazing pieces everyone can relate to them. Maloney is known as a “Pop Surrealist” who received formal training in painting and drawing at Cal State Fullerton.  His work can easily be identified by his consistent use of cut outs, wide range of bright colors, and attention to detail.  Skateboard graphics from the 1980’s, horror films, and heavy metal music inspired Maloney throughout his life and is probably the reason why he has recently been doing graphic work for clothing and skateboard products. I find a lot of his paintings and drawings very personally inspiring. I can’t help but look at all the details in each piece and all I want to do after looking at his work is CREATE.


Jason Maloney has also painted some public murals and currently draws and paints in Newport Beach, CA.






To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before



Paris Hilton wearing Sabre Shades


sk8_3fullHand Painted Skateboard

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  • Sandra

    I want that board sooo bad 😮