Brea Souders


Brea Souders, New York photographer, is opening up her studio for the public while she takes part in the Bushwick Open Studios and Arts Festival on June 7th. The image above is from an older series in her portfolio that explores the human desire to develop superstitions as a reaction to their “need for control in an uncertain world.” Each photograph plays on this theme through candid and staged scenes, where Souders believes her subjects are mentally returning to a “childhood sensibility,” what she believes is the root to superstition. I think her photographs carry an interesting feeling of stillness; they all feel quiet and calm, but also a little haunted.


Souders will have her most recent series, Islands & Streams, and some older work from the past year on display on the 7th from 12pm – 8pm at, 250 Moore St #303, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (a couple blocks from the Morgan stop on the L train). Check out her site to see more of her work, including some editorial spreads for Vogue and Paste!

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