Spew Barrymore

I have blogged about Lachlann Rattray before in the stone and mortar days of our old blog, but now that we have these nifty “tag” things, I wanted to formally re-introduce this artist to the new system as one of my fave Flickr-Finds-Forevs along with some of his new stuff. His work is hilarious and almost always composed of gooey deformed pastel neon combinations- usually mocking celebrities and humans in general. He also prints his own awesome shirts and sweatshirts. They’re all so good I don’t know how to choooooseeeeeeee ahhhhhh….

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  • oh good lord, i want that hail satan sweater.

  • Fei

    Oh hell yes! Me too. (Not-so-subtle-hint: my birthday is coming up……hahaha)

  • Hey Pugs aren’t satanic! Just misunderstood.