Architectural 70’s Wonder by William Hirsch


I absolutely love this house, designed by William Hirsch for art director John Holmes, (no, not that John Holmes!) most famous for his original cover art for “Jaws.” Their home is comprised entirely of salvaged, hodge podge reclaimed building materials, making it a sort of living, breathing, thrift store turned frankenstein-like architectural collage. Ah, the free-wheeling spirit of the 70s that kicks modernism’s dutch-minimalist-eames-clean line-stainless steel-white cube’s ass!




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  • Amir

    It’s a tad hippy for my tastes but I do love the window wall.

  • Its pretttty hippy dippy, but I love that it’s all reclaimed materials!

  • Missy

    What wonderful memories of delightful hippie/salvage organic architecture. Love, love, love!