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We want you to contribute to our blog! In celebration of International T-Shirt day June 21st, Beautiful/Decay and Tee Junction are pairing up to dish out an awesome  new contest. Leave a link to an artist’s portfolio you think we should feature on the B/D blog in the comments section, along with a brief description of how you heard about them and why you like their work. If we choose your artist to be posted on the blog, we’ll send you a free Beautiful/Decay Apparel shirt! Submissions are due by Monday, June 8, 9PM PST. We can’t wait to see your contributions!


*Sorry guys- this one’s limited to domestic entries- shirts will only be shipped within the U.S!

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  • My submission : Sam Weber (
    His work is awesome, very poetical, and based on traditional techniques. I discoverd his work with the cover of the first issue of Varoom.

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  • Alex

    Sam Bosma is an incredibly talented young illustrator, whose work has a macabre sense of whimsy:

  • BM

    I’d like to see jimiyo featured because his artwork is absolutely beautiful, and he is a big name in the t-shirt scene. All of his creations are unique and extremely detailed, and we need more artists like him! I heard about him through sites including Threadless and Design by Humans (he has submitted designs and has been printed).

  • carla

    I met Myles in my neighborhood. His paintings are raw and intense, yet also reflect the sense of structure and attention to detail that come with his architectural background… i’ve never seen anything like them before.

    his blog is pretty awesome too and gives a peek into how he makes things:

  • Brad MIlls

    I want to suggest a local artist here in Naples, FL. Juan Diaz, orginally from Colombia. I ahve known Juan personally for a couple years now. New work under the Available Art section is bold and vibrant, the series is called Movemiento. He is a great guy and an amazing artist.

  • you definitely should feature my man Gabe:


    I came across his work while searching for collages and after constantly finding very generic collages, I found David Fullarton’s work. I love the combinations in his pieces- the textures, the type, the drawings, and of course, the humor.

  • Jeff West, Jr.


    VROSS is a Dallas artist I’ve done some video work for in the past. His work is amazing. He uses spraypaint – a medium usually frowned upon by fine artists as being simply used for graffitti – and uses it in a way that his pieces could go up in legitimate galleries. It’s edgy and pristine all at the same time. His digital work is great as well – kid’s a Photoshop prodigy.


    Eclectic but always well thought out and original! I have no idea where I discovered him.

  • jason

    found Seth through the magical internet i think.
    Hiss work combines rad graphic like elements with a strong painterly opposition.
    color color color

  • This is my friend Robyn. She is freaking awesome, check her out.

  • Nava Lubelski

    I researched her work for a presentation, it’s absolutely amazing. The colors are vivid and the forms abstract–they say so much to me. Her use of sewing is fantastic, it’s a really great comment on mending and destroying simultaneously.

  • Robyn

    Josh is my grad school colleague and one of my most consistent inspirations even though our work is completely unrelated. He really needs to update his website though…

  • wirrow –

    wirrow creates some nicely childlike, ethereal work smudging, dragging and delicately managing his charcoal to rather nice darkly dreamlike effect.

  • I would have to say APAK. I heard about them when I moved to Portland, they show all the time here. I really dig their work because it’s magical, colorful, and playful. The fact that APAK is a collaboration between two artists also has me stoked.

  • For music I would like to submit Conor Oberst for my artist of choice. He is “in my opinion, the greatest lyracist of our generation.

    For paintings i would have to say….. Jackson pollock

  • This is my portfolio – my life story currently at 14 paragraphs each on top of their own oil painting I did while under the influence of seroquel and lithium among others.

    Sorry for self-submitting on this one…though it would be awesome to get on the blog and get the dope ass T-shirt as well :p

    My vote for a different artist would be the wirrow link already posted. That is quality.

  • super sperms

    recent artcenter grad.
    this guy is the mutha- effin truth
    his use of color is so OG

  • Mark Warren Jacques is another great artist heard of him via the Together Gallery here in Portland. I love the way he experiments with shapes. He is able to make something beautiful out of the shapes that we have known since kindergarten.

  • Kiel Johnson surfaced on my radar when he was featured as the “Best Visual Artist” in the OC Weekly’s “Best of OC” issue. While his environments initially seem far removed from our own realities, his work hints that the dividing line between an Orwellian fantasy and rush hour in LA isn’t all that distinct. Besides, anything made out of cardboard is automatically badass. I’m stoked to see what contraptions he’s got in store for his show at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica in October.

    His site/blog/portfolio:

  • Annapurna

    Christine Gray.

    Christine Gray is a painting professor at VCUarts. I took a class with her in Fall of 2008 and became an instant admirer. Her work reminds painters of the physical capabilities of oils by juxtaposing traditional methods of paint application with the new. She depicts homemade models made out of craft supplies as if they were sacred landscapes. Her brushwork and coloring are mesmerizingly crisp, and her concepts drip with commentary on pop culture’s paradoxical obsession with the material packagings of spirituality.


    I second SUPER SPERMS-


  • Emma Gothner:

    I don’t quite remember how I came across this amazing artist,
    but I know it was awhile ago. Her work is amazing and so diverse,
    ranging from simplistic black and white drawings to more intricate
    illustrations…but all in all its just beautiful.

  • Not sure why the comment i posted the other day hasn’t shown up, so ill just re-post it:

    I was introduced to Dan Sheffield’s work a few years back through Threadless.
    Id describe his graphic work as bold, geometric-inspired simplicity. The majority of his designs involve use of the grid system, geometry, optical illusion and clean/crisp typography. In a world of complexity and visual chaos, I find his graphics to be refreshing; a break from the everyday common graphic clutter.

    Dan Sheffield

  • OH!


    Kim Fonder:
    Painter and designer (wood and metal surfaces and seating).
    Her paintings are fantastic, they are simultaneously concrete and fluid in almost a zen-like balance. The organic nature of her work is a very clear reflection of her, as well.

    i’ve known her for a few years now through her daughters.

  • I can only describe Nico Traut’s work by comparing it to Brave New World. It is beautiful, but at the same time a haunting version of our possible future.

  • Definitely check out self taught, up and coming Matthew Bowers
    He has become a staple of the Charleston, SC art scene, even though he is half the age of most artists, and has participated in and organized the Kulture Klash and Blume events.

  • My favourite artist also happens to be my partner in crime, mr. Daniel Johansson aka Venom Palette (

    His drawings/illustrations are completely of the hook, wacked out crazy shit that really sets your mind into mega-freaked-out-monster-mode!!!
    He uses a mixture of scanning photos, water color, hand drawing, illustrator-work etc etc. A true reinessance-man!

    His so worthy of the possible attention from you guys, please look into his work.


  • Bradley Bullock

    I would like to submit the work of Burtonwood and Holmes for the blog contest.
    I attended Graduate school with the artists/couple and believe their work exemplifies the relationship between current war politics and the global economy.
    Thank You!
    Bradley Bullock

  • Rick

    I would like to submit the work of Matthew Dayler,

    this guy works crazy hard, and I feel his work is relevant to contemporary art making, and gay cuture.

  • Svidjaju li Vam se njena stopala?
    Po mom misljenju savresena stopala!
    Stopala su na njoj najbitnija stavka!