Nadine Byrne

"The Grieving Suit", 2008

I know this artist has been posted and re-posted a couple times by various blogs, but I want to commit her to B/D cyberspace memory. Nadine Byrne’s work deal a lot with mysticism, spirituality, death, the occult- the wearable sculptures turning to costumes meant for performing in. It’s interesting to think about how there is a blanketing mourning process/protocol but that it varies culture to culture- or that the business of mourning necessitates the purchase of certain goods and the putting on a certain behavioral pattern.

"The Shaman Suit", 2008

“The Shaman Suit and also The Grieving Suit are multifunctional. They are textile sculptures, using the human body as their frame. They are also costumes, to be used in video and performance…The two ‘spirit helpers’ on each side of the ‘shaman’ are covered by a blanket which they can control and add movement to by moving their bodies. By wearing the costume I become a shaman-like creature and with it I create my own mythology based on my history and perception of the world. The costume/sculpture in itself is a reference to this mythology and tell the stories that need to be told.”

"The Magic State", video

"The Magic State", video

“The Magic State is an audiovisual ongoing project initiated in 2008, where every concert is a screening and every screening is a concert. The Magic State is sound and moving images, suspension of time, transcendence, mysticism, rituals and poetry. A magical state of mind and a physical sovereign place. The videos which together form The Magic State Series can also be viewed as separate video-works.”

"Skeleton Lake"

"Procession of Colour"

"Procession of Colour"

(Via Future Shipwreck)

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  • joe

    totally wicked

  • Alexis

    I love the colors in the The Magic State video. Shooot.

  • Sasha

    Um, amaaaaaaaaazing. Sometimes I see art that I’m super bummed I didn’t make.
    This is kinda it. She makes it look easy to do.

  • Fei

    Aw man, I feel the exact same way. Blogging is kind of our way of living vicariously, no? Haha!

  • Sasha

    Haha totally! We’re like art groupies.