Beautiful/Decay Zine Library

Many of you might not know that–in addition to carrying a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, and prints–Beautiful/Decay also boasts an equally neat zine library, some of which include ABC Graffiti Zine #2Hero Land #2Unlovable #5 (Pick-N-Flick)No Fancy coverT-REX COLORING BOOK vol. 1, and A Great Big Stillness.



As its name suggests, ABC Graffiti Zine #2 features the talents of 26 graffiti artists from around the world and their illustrations of letters…in alphabetical order. This zine showcases the typographic talents of Abno, Bonus, Cecster, Dr.Sex, Erupto327, among 21 others!




Esther Pearl Watson‘s Hero Land #2 empathizes with and documents the hidden personal lives of heroes. She states, quite humorously, “Heroes are just people too, you know? They deal with the usual daily crap: In-laws, self-doubt, anxiety, drama. They just do it while wearing spandex and capes.”




Another zine coming from the mind of Esther Pearl Watson, Unlovable #5 (Pick-N-Flick) follows Tammy who, in this particular issue, finds herself dealing with (four cheers for alliteration!) “boogers, boys, biker babes, and some butt cracks.




No Fancy cover is a delightfully compact, 16-page collection of Luke Ramsey‘s sketchbook drawings made on Pender Island and Haida Gwaii in May of 2008.



T-REX COLORING BOOK vol. 1 is self-described as “a rather curious collection of boogered afterthoughts processed through punishment of prolonged printing and picking including over 32 pages of art haus T-REX abusively attractive bootlegs and b-sides.”




A Great Big Stillness, the second collaborative project by Justin B.Williams and Luke Ramsey, exhibits a collection of visual stories reflective of the zine’s title. These gouache and watercolor paintings were created during Justin’s stay with Islands Fold.

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