Brandon Jan Blommaert

Any information regarding the details of Brandon Jan Blommeart’s existence can not be found- his current info page is a self reminder to put up some kind of blurb and maybe an animated gif. I like these sculpture/collage things he did with recycled material, though I can’t tell if they are made in a 3D modeling program or out of physical materials (a comment on his in-progress post mentions the former). These abandoned beasts struggling in the wild remind me a little of characters from Miyazaki’s Nausicaa.

Edit: I just got an email back from Brandon (who lives in Canada) with some details breaking somewhat his shroud of mystery. These sculptures are indeed made out of garbage and created for a public arts commission. The final forms will be large vinyl prints wrapping the side of a building. Can’t wait to see photos of when they’re actually up!

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  • Joe

    those gifs are amazing

  • jordashua

    Truly amazing sculptures. Great forms, and excellent use of materials.

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  • ration

    those gifs and sculptures geometrically please me

  • Dasco

    Wow. Bravo! I really like the sculpture.

  • bree

    Brandon is my bud from our school daze! He was always on the computer at that time making strange “songs” – more like weird and likeable noises. He is a rad dude.


  • charly borja

    very interesting desing, vanguard, a aliens world and minimal geometric figures. best regard. charly borja