Daniel Everett


Daniel Everett embodies the current technological zeitgeist shared by post dot-com kids, the kids of the dot-com kids, and the relationship we have to our interconnectivity (the internet). His work is jaded, earnest, and self mocking at the same time.

"Journal 2008"

307 page document presenting my entire web history from 2008.

"Conversations with a Computer"

“Contained within the operating system of Mac computers is a rudimentary electronic psychotherapist program. Meant to simulate a Rogerian therapist, it engages the participant in a cyclical conversation by taking his or her statements and roughly reconfiguring them into questions. I met with this program three times a week for a month in order to discuss my fear that I was disappearing completely. These are three stills from our conversations.”

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  • There is a portrait of Daniel Everett made by Walead Beshty hanging in the Hirshhorn in DC right now. Weird.