iQ Font

I know what you’re all thinking. Enough with this serious art stuff, right? It IS summer after all. Well here’s something exciting for all of you: the Netherlands division of Toyota recently commissioned a couple lucky typographers, Pierre Smeets & Damien Aresta of Please Let Me Design, to create a typeface made entirely from the movements of a car. The car, driven by professional driver Stef van Campenhoudt was equipped with large colored dots on the roof, which were then tracked with a camera and some software custom written by media artist Zach Lieberman. The result, entitled iQ font, is up for download here.

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  • SO NEAT!

  • no name

    sure this has something to do with the netherlands?
    ’cause the site is .be
    it sais it’s realised by toyota belgium, happiness brussels
    and it looks like it was filmed at tours&taxis here in brussels…

    vive la belgique! 🙂