Tadashi Moriyama


I found Tadashi Moriyama‘s work during Bushwick Open Studios this past June and fell in love with the intricacy and obsessive mark making process that is evident in each ink and gouache work. Each painting is rife with apocalyptic imagery rendered in countless repetitions of a few motifs including waffle-like gridded squares forming architectural structures and tubular wobbly connectors slithering in and out of buildings and bodily orifices.


The stories behind each series are based on themes of creation and subsequent destruction of cities, memories, space and time. Technological devices and digital media function as manipulators and instigators of fear, death and hopeful renewal. Amnesiac is about a hero “who lives in a city where building imitate each other to extreme sameness and continues to grow with expanding tentacles that eats the sun and defecates the moons. The hero struggles with the loss of his original home.”


P (a new and temporary name for the series) involves a group of business men who create skyscrapers in the light of speed during the day and go to karaoke and pachinko (gambling) at night. Landscapes for the Ancient Future Earth deals with time and space and ponders upon memory’s fading and ambivalent presence.


The artist uses inspirations and influences from Indian miniature painting, Buddhist and Hindu paintings, 15-16th century Italian painting and Alchemist paintings as well experiences in Tokyo and New York to build these non-sustainable systems of structures and memory.

Tadashi Moriyama will have a solo show opening October 3rd at Bonelli Arte Contemporanea, Italy.

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