Lou Beach


Los Angeles-based pop illustrator Lou Beach has been creating these bright, comical collages since the 70s and 80s. While collage work doesn’t normally do it for me, I like this stuff. He’s also done a ton of commercial work over the years, including album covers like Blink 182’s opus, Dude Ranch.


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  • Fei

    Yeah I agree with your point about collage. While I do like it (even the stuff that I like bagging on), I find that a lot of it is done with disregard for storytelling and concept. Lou Beach is cool and so is Dude Ranch. Idk about Blink 182 though, haha.

  • MJSG

    the man in the flower suit is totally rad

  • http://picdit.wordpress.com PICDIT

    Posted this guy a couple weeks ago too. His work is unlike anything I had ever seen before!

  • http://www.drewbeckmeyer.com drew

    i agree with everyones points about collage, i just wanted to say that these images are far more engaging and cool than the past commercial work ive seen of lou’s stuff before.

    also,i cant really get behind dude ranch, but how about a “hey dude/ salute your shorts” where are they now post. its about time

  • http://www.gregruben.com Greg

    I have to admit that I prefer Enema of the State to Dude Ranch. More importantly, I am not ashamed of liking Blink 182. No guilty pleasures!

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    Nice sketches of beach.