The Sensual World

"The Sensual Presidents of the United States (1984)" by Eric Timothy Carlson. He took a presidential calendar and replaced all their faces with roses.

Here are some pictures that I took from the Synch Space opening two Saturdays ago to cobble together a follow up post albeit, ahem, very tardy (the show closed this past Saturday). It was really hilarious and awesome to see so many different interpretations of Kate Bush’s image and persona. Though, to tell you the truth, I don’t know too much about her and read up only about her the day before the opening (yikes!). I hope you won’t judge me on that admission tooo much.

Some more by ETC:

"10 Songs, 1 Bonus Track, and the Realm of the Dark Lord". A watercolor/pencil drawing of roses, each labeled with the title of a Kate Bush song.

The wall of fan mail for Kate Bush, artist unknown. There were plans of strapping them all to a rocket and sending it to her home in the U.K.

Katelyn Reece Farstad of Monstertoke

Isa Newby Gagarin, who makes these interesting sculpture/3D collages of different pictures from National Geographics. They move along with the natural motion of air and some times are aided by fans.

And amazing performance by Yasmine of duo Tearist who resembled Kate Bush both in visage and voice (not 100% but her pipes and stage presence were great!):

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