Poster Company

I’m not exactly sure of how I feel about these digital expulsions by the Poster Company. I think my reaction came in 3 stages: first oscillating between questioning the validity of their artfulness, then awe at the convoluted jungle of pixels, then back to confusion again.

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  • fbh

    i like how ugly and obviously computer-processed they look. no real sense of color or composition. to me, it challenges the viewer to question why something is considered ugly or not. for example, is stretched and pixellated text just poor craftsmanship? or is it possible to look past that and find something visually appealing about it?

  • Just because something ugly is presented as art doesn’t make it art, just as vernacular art/design isn’t looked at or considered as art. Or to put it in another way: ugliness is nothing new, and presenting it formally as art isn’t a new idea either.

  • Yeah these are amazing.

  • taco

    these are brilliant!!! absolutely love m!

  • Hai guyz, thanks soo much for the write up and interestt.
    <3 PC