Did any B/D readers have a bad day today? Look at the above image. Stare at it for a minute. I defy you to not become happy. You can thank a French designer by the name of MDCCLXIV, who has a ton of really cool pixel art (a lot of which are GIFs) up on his flickr page. Be sure to check out his groundbreaking Microsoft Excel art, most of which I wasn’t able to post here.


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  • Fei

    WOW that really turned my perpetual frown upside down!! ^_____^

  • Amir


  • Ed Porter

    I’m sorry, but I think these images are merely trendy and useless from an artistic point of view. If someone made them in 1978 then that would be impressive… but to make them now is merely fashion. Anyone agree? Disagree?

  • Amir


    Do I think they are groundbreaking art? No way. Do think they are aesthetically pleasing and fun? Yes! We post a wide range of work here and I don’t think we can measure all of it by the same set of rules. Sometimes work is derivative of other works of art or design but it is still worthwhile to look at. I agree that they are a bit trendy as gif animations are becoming very popular but they are kind of fun.

  • jason

    Honestly I dont know that art can be useful unless it stirs up some kinda emotion. These pieces make me happy for a second there fore they become useful to me.

  • Amir

    agreed jason..


    ” If someone made them in 1978 then that would be impressive .. ” It’s like ” If someone give me a computer I can get the exact same thing ” It’s easy to reproduce a painting but a good idea is hard to find .. I think illustrative rgb stuff is pure happyness .. Luv it

  • Before I saw this guy’s excel artwork, I considered myself to be a Grand Master Excel Wyzzyrd, a title I held with distinction and pride around this office. However, I realize that I am relegated probably, to being merely an avid Microsoft Excel fan. I did not realize my beloved software had such an inner artist.