Shepard Fairey Plagiarist? You Be The Judge

shepard fairey plagiaristshepard fairey plagiarist
shepard fairey plagiarist

Shepard Fairey’s work goes beyond traditional methods of appropriation and referencing. Some of these are exact replicas of previous works, with just a subtle color change. It wouldn’t be an issue if this work only existed in the streets as a form of political guerilla art. However Shepard profits greatly through museum shows,a multi-million dollar apparel line, and inflated art sales as the result of this decade long art project. More and more this seems like a genius marketing plan aimed at angry teenagers rather than creating a body of original artwork that opens up a dialogue about politics. Read this in-depth article by Mark Vallens and decide for yourself.

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  • Amir
  • Amir
  • Amir

    Found another interesting article to add to the debate:

  • lmno

    andy warhol was also plagist because he used Merlin’s Monro face without crediting the source.

    i think it was clear for every one that obey does it.

  • drew

    worse than any plagiarism for me is the utter boredom i feel when i see any of his stuff. he has made, literally, no creative or artistic strides forward in ten years and has only rehashed the same cliche ideas and politics.
    the fact that he goes around suing people for using his imagery in more creative ways than he used the imagery that he stole is just sad.

    do kids still like this kind of stuff? i feel like even they have better taste now, or at least know when something needs to end.

  • David Goldberg

    Thanks for posting this, its good for the kiddies who had not read Marks Article, and think Obey is god.

  • sfh

    he’s a hack.