Chris Pell

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Chris Pell is a 21 year old graduate from Brighton University. Pell is a very unique animator, photographer, and illustrator who uses religious symbolism in a majority of his work on Flickr. Just incase you were wondering, Pell loves “fantasy worlds, alchemy, soca music, mysticism, horror movies…” and the list goes on. He is readily available to take commissions and also has prints for sale upon contact.

chris pell illustration chris pell drawingchris pell drawingchris pell drawing

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  • Fei

    I like it! His style kind of reminds me of Taiyo Matsumoto’s. It’s interesting because in his drawings it seems like the bodies and postures are different but the faces are the same- sort of mannequin like.

  • thanks for the kind words!

    thought i’d point out however that the image underneath my metronomy design isnt mine!


  • Hey Chris,
    sorry about that one… I replaced the image with your awesome “Shaman”. Thanks for the heads up!