“OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY… MR. CHI PIG”, takes a look at the personal life of Kendall Chinn, AKA Mr. Chi Pig, singer of legendary punk band SNFU. The film documents the journey from Kendall’s troubled youth in Edmonton, Alberta to playing in front of thousands. The film recounts Kendall’s battles with mental disorders and drug addiction and their impact on his art. Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig is a story of a man who impacted so many lives and his attempt to change his own life.

This doc has the feel of sitting and having a beer with some of the biggest names in the music industry as they recount tales of Mr. Chi Pig and his story so far. After more than 30 years of mental illness, drug addiction and punk rock, Mr. Chi Pig is back to take one last crack at success. Featuring interviews with Kendall Chinn, Jello Biafra and many other punk legends.

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  • jason

    looks good.
    meth face is so gnar gnar

  • Kevlar

    I missed seeing this film when it was in the theatre. Where can I obtain a DVD copy??

  • Amir

    Hi Kevlar,
    Not sure where you can get the dvd. I don’t think it’s released yet on dvd but check out their facebook page here:

  • Mike

    You can get the DVD here at the site they just launched.

  • globalmac

    Thanks for the link Mike

  • Morris

    I spoke to him at a show here in Albuquerque in 1999. I have been a fan since the 80’s. I beat meth in 94. Dear god, please hook my boy up. I don’t want to watch another hero go down. Dude, get your shit together! Please!